Our Family

We are completely aware that the success of our operation is solely based on the quality of our staff.  There is nothing we are more proud of about the Frontier Steelhead Experience than how wildly talented our staff are.  We believe in delegating real responsibility to our team day in and day out and it has been an honour for the owners and management team to watch our staff flourish.  Our staff treats lodge operations like it is there own with problem solving, impeccable customer service, and the finer details that most would overlook.  The talent pool is deep at Frontier.  The common theme that runs through every single person who works at the lodge is a rich passion for their job.  Whether it is cooking first class food, or spending time stalking steelhead these amazing people cherish the fact they are making a living doing what they love in life.  Take a moment and meet some of these wonderful personalities that are the backbone of this lodge.

The Guides

Our Staff