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Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon

Chinook (O. tshawytscha, a.k.a.: spring, king, tyee) are the first salmon to migrate into the Bulkley drainage and found while fishing in British Columbia! They begin their migration from the ocean in May -June, and are found in fishable numbers in the Morice River by the first week in July. Bulkley/Morice River Springs will generally spawn from late July to early September. Due to their large size, these fish usually spawn in deeper water in the main stem of these rivers, over larger substrates than the other salmon. The juveniles emerge in early spring and most rear in freshwater for 1-2 years before smolting and migrating to the ocean in the spring.

Next to Steelhead, the Chinook Salmon is the most prized sport fish in the Skeena.
Drainage, known for their incredible size and unparalleled strength. These Monsters average 20-50 lbs with many fish exceeding that mark every year!
Generally speaking, while fishing in British Columbia waters, the springs are best pursued with 9-12 weight fly rods with 150-450 grain sink tips as they often hug the bottom of the streams they inhabit. Although Chinook can be found in the slack water of giant pools, many fish will also lie in depressions, heavy current seems, and behind giant boulders, which at time requires weighted, streamlined fly patterns that will sink fast and afford you the proper presentation. We have a recommended arsenal of the best patterns for the job. Our guides are masters at taking these trophies on a fly and they are eager to share their secrets.
Anglers will access prime water via drift boat or jet boat depending on the chosen stretch of river. Anglers will return to the lodge in the evening and will be treated to fine dining and warm Canadian hospitality.

The best time to find the freshest springs, while fishing in British Columbia in the Bulkley and Morice Rivers, is the month of July.

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