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Bulkley River: Some of the best steelhead and salmon fishing in Canada!

Fishing the Bulkley gives you a deep appreciation that there are still places like this left in the world. Experience this with our Canadian fly in fishing.

Floating the Bulkley in our drift boats is an adventure into nature's art gallery, with one breathtaking masterpiece followed by another. The backdrop for a trip on the Bulkley River includes towering peaks, hanging glaciers and rugged canyons. Spectacular birch, aspen and cottonwood trees create a symphony of color along the river's banks.

It’s a wilderness river where grizzlies and wolves still leave tracks in the sandbars at night. Every fall, Bears, eagles and passionate fishermen all converge on the Bulkley for the timeless, annual event known as "The Steelhead Run."

Simply put, the Bulkley River represents the ultimate steelhead Canadian fly in fishing experience as well as some great salmon fishing in Canada. The Bulkley is one of the premier rivers in the world, and its dry-fly steelhead fishery is the finest in North America. Not all rivers with a steelhead run have fish that will rise to a dry fly. Hooking a steelhead on the surface is one of the most exciting events in all of fly fishing.

Another major advantage of selecting the Bulkley as your destination over other renowned steelhead fisheries is how quickly the river clears and drops after big storms, which are common during the fall. The Bulkley runs pure and clear in all but the worst of weather. The river can be virtually blown out one day and fishable the next. The Bulkley River consistently has good runs of steelhead, clear water, fantastic dry fly opportunities, and exciting Canadian fly in fishing.

Frontier Farwest, anglers are rotated to different sections of the river daily so that every day is a fresh and exciting adventure all in its own. Each float is truly definitive and unforgettable.