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Winter Steelhead Fishing Haida Gwaii

Every fly fisher, whether old or young, man or woman, expert or beginner, has their own definition of an ideal fishery. Some aging anglers may find that waters providing easy access and comfortable wading/walking are at the top of the list. Others may regard the setting, the scenery, wildlife and camping opportunities part of their ideal fishing experience. Those who are complete perfectionists with a high level of expertise may find fish with PhDs and high IQs as the electricity that gets their juices flowing. And what of the younger set, or those just entering the sport....of course catching fish! But perhaps the one ingredient common on everyone's list....a fishery that is consistent and has perpetual longevity. The most consistent winter steelhead fishery in North America is found on Haida Gwaii. For us this is the ideal fishery.

The rivers and forests of Haida Gwaii are a magical, mystical place for fly fisherman to explore. This is like fishing in Lord of the Rings or Jurassic Park. Deep dense forests, trees bearded with long strands of moss and ground covered with ferns add to the mysteriousness of this place. Strands of clouds hang in the creases of the forested mountains. The call of the Sandhill crane off in the distance sets the mood as you wader up and get set to enter the rainforest. This place is home to sitka Deer, Bald Eagles, River Otters, and Pileated Wood Peckers. This is also home to one of the most prized game fish in the the world, the Steelhead. Come experience the best winter steelhead fishery in the Northwest with us, and we think you will be hooked on it as much as we are.