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Why mess with success, why is Frontier Farwest changing the program?

The world hates change but it is the only thing that brings progress. Most people are in favor of progress, its the changes they don’t like. Our lodge is starting a new chapter in 2011 with a complete overhaul from our location to our fishing program. Scary? yes terrifying, but this is how we foresee the future of our industry and we want to be leaders and not followers.

Our new program is based around the concept that the modern day angler wants variety in their lodge experience. Our main objective is to show our guests a true BC adventure, one they can return to year after year and still fish new water each and every time they come. The rotating beat system is not one we will ever have to implement for our guests or guides.

In essence we are combining the historic and legendary fishing programs pioneered by Collin Schadrech, James Britton, and Ray Makowichuk. We are aiming to give our guests a taste of all three of these magnificent fishing experiences over 1 week in the Bulkley Valley. Is it too much to tackle in 1 week? With carefully planned logistics we will maximize time spent on the water and actually have less drive time (both boat and vehicle than before). A week with us will leave forever, imprinted images of what a wilderness experience is supposed to be. With attention to details, remote comfort, and a river that continuously challenges and rewards its occupants we have found the ultimate fishing experience. One that is just as rewarding for the beginner as it is for the ardent veteran.

Very few people have had the opportunity to see the Morice and the Bulkley through the eyes of the pioneers that first started fishing them on the fly, however we have been fortunate to do just that. After being exposed to all of this, our entire staff are like kids in a candy store when we talk about fishing in 2011.