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Morice River Lodge

After two extremely successful seasons under new ownership at Frontier Farwest Steelhead Lodge, we have decided to expand our operation.

Every year we ask our guests what we can do to improve, and the common theme is that people want to spend more time on the Morice River to compliment our unique canyon trips.

After long consideration of this we have purchased Morice River Lodge. This means in 2011 all our guests will have an opportunity to fish the remote, upper reaches of the Morice River along with the overnight canyon floats on the Bulkley River.

Our guests will also be staying at a brand new lodge facility on our riverside ranch just downstream of Telkwa. Construction of this lodge will be completed this summer.

Legendary Morice River guide and previous owner of the Lodge, Jim Britton will be guiding for us in 2011 on the upper river. Jim was raised on the river and his family operated the lodge for 35 years.

The lower river will be operated by Ray Makowichuk who has been guiding this stretch for 40 years. This gives us over 65 years of experience to draw from on this wonderful resource.

In 2011 Frontier Farwest will offer 2 river camps, a brand new lodge on our 80 acre parcel of land on the Bulkley, and a 2nd lodge on the Morice.

Our guests will have an unparalleled variety of fishing options during there week with us, and will have good, clean, fishable water even under the most stressed weather systems.

We are now accepting bookings for the 2011 steelhead season.